What is an XY Ceiling Hoist System or H System

what is an XY ceiling hoist system or h system

XY Ceiling Hoist System or H  System

We often get asked what is an XY Ceiling Hoist or H System (also known as an XY Overhead Hoist or an XY Hoist).

The simplest way to explain is an Ceiling Hoist motor that drives along a moving rail, that in turn slides up and down 2 parallel rails, allowing patient transfer anywhere within an “H” shape (hence the H system)…

An XY or H System Overhead Hoist is the ideal solution for assisted bathrooms, bedrooms or living areas where there are multiple transfer points

XY System Ceiling Hoist

(for instance in the bathroom the bath/shower, changing table and transfer area or in the bedroom the bed, armchair and transfer area).

  • Allows transfer anywhere within a square (H shape)
  • Saves time with quick transfer
  • Allows for flexibility in furniture location (i.e. future-proofs the room)
  • Can connect several rooms together (e.g. bedroom and bathroom)
  • Ceiling or wall mounted
  • Portable or Fixed Ceiling Hoist
Parallel rails embedded into ceiling

The parallel rails of the XY Ceiling Hoist System can be embedded into the ceiling for optimum aesthetics.

XY Systems can connect to neighbouring rooms

XY Ceiling Hoist Systems can connect to neighbouring rooms (e.g. bedroom to bathroom)

H System Patient Hoist in Bathroom

XY Ceiling Hoist Systems or H Systems are flexible, quick and easy to use and allow transfer anywhere within a square.

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