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GUEST BLOG: Superhero Kerry Thompson discusses why the fight for Changing Places is real.


“Just call me a superhero!”

I’ve become very passionate about campaigning for Changing Places toilets after reading a blog, realising very quickly that these life changing facilities would be perfect for myself making life easier to venture out! For years my husband and I had/have been struggling to do the simplest of tasks like going food shopping -going out sometimes feels like a military operation that’s all before locking the door behind you!

Hiya, I’m Kerry Thompson!

I have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called FHL1 Gene mutation. (Just call me a superhero!) You’ll find me blogging away at My Life, Kerry’s Way. It’s all about living with muscular dystrophy, mental health plus my campaigning work I talk a LOT about toilets or as you may know them, Changing Places. Check back here next month for Kerry’s next blog.

“Going out for me means sometimes limiting my fluid intake”

Going out for me means sometimes limiting my fluid intake to a few sips of water even if I’m just popping out for a couple of hours. This has caused me a list of health issues from water infections to kidney stones these are just a few reasons why Changing Places toilets are so important.

Through campaigning I’ve been extremely privileged to work alongside Tesco, OpeMed/Aveso on a project building 35 + Changing Places facilities within their stores and they just keep building. Tesco are leading the way with 80% more than other supermarkets. With the purple pound being £249 billion and Christmas here the lack of Changing Places toilets means so many companies miss out on that consumer spending power.

I’d love that in 10 years time, someone like me, isn’t still fighting for the same reasons I am today. The right to use the toilet. Let’s make everywhere more inclusive!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, until next time!


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