Working with OpeMed

Hoist Lift from FloorThe Benefits We Bring

As a first time or returning customer we aim to provide excellent value to the work we complete for you. At OpeMed we stand by six key benefits we feel that we can offer our customers.




  1. Focus on Caring: Our equipment is designed to take the load off the carer to ensure that bedside assistance and care can be performed with ease.
  2. Save on Time: Our transfer and care equipment makes a significant time saving difference to the time taken to transfer, wash and change a user.
  3. Optimise Space: Where space is often an issue, we have a great deal of experience in designing the optimum layout to provide a safer working environment for all.
  4. Reduced Injuries: Needless injuries are caused to both caregiver and user through using incorrect transfer equipment. Our product specialists are trained to help you to combat and reduce this risk.
  5. Enhanced Comfort: Our innovative product range combined with our extensive understanding of how people use our equipment ensures that we are able to define a safe, comfortable and stable transfer every time.
  6. Our Knowledge and Experience: For gait training, bariatric handling or hydrotherapy we have the background and experience to provide custom made solutions for any user.

We value your thoughts and comments so please contact us with your feedback. Find us online at @OpeMed! Request a brochure here.