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Why Not People is a members club established exclusively for people with disabilities. Whether you use a wheelchair, have a sensory impairment, have learning difficulties Why Not People host totally accessible events with a line-up of music, comedy and dance from World Class artists specifically for those with disabilities (find out more about the event and tickets here).

why not people changing places by opemed

The star-studded founders of Why Not People including Jameela Jamil and Alex Brooker have chosen to work with OpeMed as the official Changing Places co-sponsor to provide a Changing Places for the first event at the Troxy on July 1st 2015!

mobiloo changing places drawing
mobile changing places for why not people

Without dedicated specialist Changing Places across the country, carers and family have to meticulously plan every single trip out and even are forced to change and care for their loved ones in highly undignified and unsuitable conditions such as toilet floors.  As a result, many less able people are confined to their homes. This is completely unacceptable and does not give everyone the same equal opportunities that many of us take for granted.

Our aim is to make the provision of a Changing Places toilet facility seamless and easy regardless of the location or venue type. Which is why Aveso have worked with Why Not People and Mobiloo to provide a mobile Changing Places for The Troxy event in July! The facility will be available just outside of the venue and has a hoistand changing bench ready for people to use if they need it. The Changing Places will be accessible via side door or tail lift and will be manned at all times. As a note, if you do need to be hoisted on the day, you will need to bring your own sling with you in your bag (see website for more information). Click here to view the Mobiloo video.

Changing Places are available across the UK and are growing significantly in number to almost 800 nationwide. There are Changing Places situated in Museums, Airports, Petrol Stations, Hospitals, Supermarkets and Theatres to name a few and the full list can be found on the Changing Places map here: http://www.changing-places.org/find_a_toilet/location_map_and_national_register.aspx

We would love to hear your feedback about your experience of Changing Places on the day at The Troxy so tweet us @AvesoCP and @CP_Consortium #ChangingPlaces 

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why not people with aveso
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