What is the Disability Discrimination Act?

The Disability Discrimination Act: Rights and Responsibilities Outlined

First established in 1995 and updated in 2005, the legislation outlined the need for more rights for disabled people to end the discrimination faced by many disabled people. The legislation has since been significantly extended again in 2006 by the Disability Discrimination Order (DDO), giving people more rights within Employment, Education, Buying or Renting Land (Incl Adaptation Support), Functions of Public Bodies (Incl Licensing).

OpeMed equipment is often asked for compliance evidence in relation to the DDA…

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… it is important to take note and remind those in use of the Disability Discrimination Act guideline, that the legislation only states the duty not to discriminate against disabled people and not to outline the specific use of products. It may be an accurate presumption to assume that the followers and users of the DDA are socially conscious and well aware of the numerous equipment options available to end users. The outcome of using accurately specified transfer and care equipment for each individual have been proven to benefit both the user’s comfort and safety as well as the carer’s wellbeing.

OpeMed work with Healthcare Professionals and End Users to provide a prescriptive service of recommended equipment for each individual based upon their needs and the environment and care plan they will be used within. To request an assessment for an individual please enquire online.

Click here for your copy of the Disability Discrimination Act.