Solutions for an Unsupported Ceiling

More often than not, OpeMed are asked to recommend equipment for properties with unusual shaped rooms, low or high ceilings or uneven floors for example.


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In a recent case, OpeMed were called in to suggest the best solution for a client needing a ceiling hoist and H frame system for their bedroom. The room was part of an extension to an existing property and was required for full room coverage hoisting from bed to changing surface. Unfortunately, the ceilings of the room were not ideal for fixing to due to height restriction and roof trusses that could not support a ceiling hoist.

As the depth of the ceiling hoist track affected the lifting height, we suggested that we could supply them with a flat spreader bar for the OT200 Ceiling Hoist which would provide maximum lifting height.


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Overall, OpeMed were able to provide a total solution for a room which wasn’t initially able to support ceiling track and also unable to properly accommodate a floor hoist due to space restrictions. The room now successfully offers a space which can be used for unrestricted moving and handling. We were able to wall fix in three corners and in the fourth glazed corner we created a bespoke supported upright which we fixed to to create the H frame tracking system.


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