Unique Features of Ceiling Hoist

Unique Features of Ceiling Hoist

Due to its unique features the NEW OT200 Compact is continually being specified by architects and has for the last 4 years set itself apart from the competition. We have been careful to ensure the new Compact OT200 (which is 10cm shorter and 2cm narrower than before) maintains these features that have proved so popular:-

  1. Gravity Powered Charging – like a hybrid car, the OT200 charges itself whenever it is in use, giving much longer battery life and therefore reduced cost of ownership. With this unique system there is no need to install expensive powered ceiling tracks (however if you insist this is still available).
  2. No Tools Emergency Lower – with competitive products if the electrics fail, the carer has to reach for a ladder, and manually wind down the hoist with a tool that may or may not be supplied. With the unique OT200 emergency lower the system detects if there is an emergency and manually lowers without having to wind the hoist down.
  3. Spreader Bar with 6 Hooks – this feature dramatically reduces the time spent adjusting the sling as we all know no sling is positioned correctly first time. A simple system where the leg, shoulder and hip tape of the sling all have their own dedicated hook means not unhooking one tape to adjust another. This increases the safety and unlike competitive we have a solid sprung disc to ensure that sling tape will never come off the spreader bar unintentionally.
  4. No Lights at Night – the OT200 is the only hoist where all the lights go out completely when not in use. This is a small but important feature to aid sleep.
  5. Enhanced Lifting Tape – our lifting tape is proven to last significantly longer than any other Ceiling Hoist on the market. This dramatically reduces the cost of ownership for the client.
  6. Reduced Cost of Ownership – most parts are standard parts that can be sourced locally and the OT200 tape, hand control, PCB, Motor can all be changed quickly when the motor is on the track (important for a wall-to-wall install). The speed of changing these parts is also much quicker for the engineer.
  7. Cradle Options – The cradle option on the OT200 is truly unique in that the powered or manual cradle automatically finds its centre of gravity for increased patient comfort and adjusts in size according to the patient and the position of the patient, reducing friction between the sling and the patient.

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