7 Essential facilities for Welcome Break

We are thrilled to announce we have signed off two more Welcome Break Changing Places registered at Corley North (M6 – Near Coventry) and Sarn Park (M4 -Near Bridgend).

The completion of Corley North and Sarn Park Changing Places facilities for Welcome Break Services represents a bench mark both for OpeMed, totalling 7 of these essential facilities for Welcome Break, but also for those who make use of them.

Two Welcome Break Changing Places Complete

Two Welcome Break Changing Places Complete

This represents journeys that were impossible or distressing before becoming simpler and more comfortable; new places that were inaccessible becoming accessible. For the 11 million people in the UK registered as disabled and those who care for them, it represents dignity and hygiene during their travels – something which is still sorely missed in many popular UK travel destinations. 

 The newly installed Changing Places are fully compliant at 12m2, offering plenty of room for wheelchairs and carers. The OT200 ceiling hoist enables easy and swift transfer to the height adjustable changing table, which can be lowered to optimum working height for whomever is using it.

Two Welcome Break Changing Places Complete

Welcome Break themselves are aware of the huge difference this can have for those with additional needs that can’t be met by a standard disabled toilet, and are thrilled by the warm reception that the newest additions have had on our social media. Many of you have posted fantastic pictures giving them a thumbs up, with glowing reviews from both users and carers which can be found on our Facebook page

These toilets that are now helping the disabled community travel around the country have set the bar high for other motorway service providers. They will undoubtedly lead to more Changing Places being installed into other pivotal locations and help campaigners put pressure on services that are still lacking in accessible facilities.

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