Two Changing Places at Stansted Airport

Enabling Disabled Holiday Makers

As the proud co-sponsor of the Changing Places Campaign, we are delighted to announce the opening of 2 brand new Changing Places rooms at Stansted Airport! (One of the 9 Airports across the UK).

At the beginning of the Summer Holidays, we are informing our clients to encourage families to use these lifestyle changing facilities; now open to the public.

If you haven’t heard of Changing Places before, the basis is a room larger than a standard disabled toilet with the provision of a Ceiling Hoist, a Height Adjustable Changing Table, Privacy Screen and a standard Doc M pack available in public spaces. Learn more here.

To read more about the Changing Places available within UK airports (or indeed train stations, motorway service stations or other transport facilities) please use the Changing Places map.

OpeMed advise on layout, design, manufacture and install Changing Places specialist equipment throughout the UK and are the official co-sponsor of the Changing Places Consortium.

Please contact us for more information.

changing places stansted airport