The OpeMed Flat Spaces Series: The Monarch and Gantry

The Second Installment: The Monarch and Gantry

We are delighted to release the second and third instalments in our Flat Spaces video series for the Monarch and Gantry. This time showcasing our Monarch Portable Hoist together with the OpeTrack Gantry System, the video gives a great example of where and how the equipment duo can be used.

Where to Use

Flat Spaces is fully accessible holiday accommodation designed for disabled holiday-makers, their families and carers. It was an ideal place to film our Monarch Hoist and Gantry in action, as it is precisely at this sort of location that the pair are most effective.

The Monarch and Gantry

Not all disabled people require hoists to transfer, therefore where guests or those using the space will be changing frequently, the ability to set up a hoist system and remove it as quickly is a brilliant option to have. In a holiday accommodation setting, or similarly a hotel, a portable system gives the opportunity to offer disabled people equal access whether they require a hoist or not.

The same principle can be easily applied to Nursing Homes, Hygiene and Changing Rooms in Leisure Centres, Schools and attractions.

Why the Monarch Portable?

Weighing just under 5kg and with an integrated carry-handle design, the Monarch is built for easy and quick transport to-and-from wherever it is needed with minimal effort, yet still maintaining a lifting capacity of 200kg.

Comparatively, it lifts 32% faster, will charge 50% faster and can complete 150% more lifts per charge than other portable hoists on the market. The Monarch Portable Hoist is an innovative alternative to choosing a fixed hoist.

Portable VS Permanent Hoisting

The Monarch Portable Hoist allows for flexibility in design. Compatible both with fixed track and gantry systems, the Monarch Portable can be installed into nearly any environment. It’s lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre features allow the Monarch to be a cost-effective solution.

Where budgets may not allow for a hoist motor in each room, a Portable Hoist can be transferred between rooms, as and when needed. This also can be a viable option for temporary or semi-permanent need, where the equipment is required for a short period of time and then can be easily removed or transported to the storage.


Why Use OpeTrack Gantry?

Ceiling Track is a fantastic permanent solution for transfer needs, however in such scenarios as those mentioned above – where residents and guests change often – a Gantry is a more elegant answer.

OpeTrack Gantry is simple to assemble from the feet up and can be adjusted to suit the surrounding space; as seen in the video, the Gantry is assembled over a guest bed. It could as easily assist transfers to Changing Beds and Toilets.

Portable VS Permanent Tracking

Although permanent tracking is the easiest and most aesthetic option, it is not always desirable within an environment with multiple users, both able-bodied and disabled. Portable and semi-permanent options such as the Gantry and Monarch Hoist provide the same result of accessibility for disabled guests whilst maintaining the expected aesthetic for able-bodied guests.

It opens up the possibilities of attractions that can be accessible and gives an opportunity to visit or stay in places that installing permanent ceiling hoist track wouldn’t be structurally feasible – older and historic buildings for example.

How to Use

As demonstrated in the video by Lisa and her son Cameron, the use of the Monarch is incredibly simple.

The low Gantry feet are designed to allow wheels to glide over and enable wheelchairs to be as close as is needed. The Monarch hoist is clipped easily onto the trolley on the Gantry using the Reacher Arm.

After laying or sitting the person being hoisted onto their sling and correctly attaching the loops to the unique secure sling mechanisms on the Monarch spreader bar, direct the hoist using the up and down function buttons on the handset to hoist and lower.

The Monarch and Gantry

We hope these videos will prove a viable resource for showcasing design possibilities and demonstrating the use of the hoist itself, which benefits Architects and Contractors through to OT’s and Users. If you would like a downloadable copy please contact us on 01252 758 858 or email

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Look out for updates as next week we will be releasing videos for the PR4750 Washbasin and other bathroom accessories

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