The Addie Brady Foundation – A cause close to our hearts

“Lionheart” and living life to the full, ‘The Addie Brady Foundation’ is a cause close to our hearts

Accounts Manager, Ellie Kibble, has worked for OpeMed for over 10 years and has been a pillar-stone of support throughout the company. Last year, tragically, Ellie’s niece Addie passed away from an aggressive brain tumour (Anaplastic Astrocytoma) leaving family and friends devastated – she was just 16 years old.

“Addie’s life was tragically cut short but what an action-packed life it was! She fitted a lifetime into the years she was given. We miss her enormously”

In response to this tragedy, Ellie’s family came together to form ‘The Addie Brady Foundation’ which was launched on the 8th November 2018 by Addie’s parents, Tara and Michelle Brady.

The Addie Brady Foundation - A cause close to our hearts

Watching their young daughter suffer, particularly in the final few months of her short life was heartbreaking.  All treatments available had been exhausted and they could only provide comfort and support to their young daughter to try and ease the brutal symptoms of brain cancer.

“Addie never once complained and always maintained a strong ‘Lionheart’ to the end”

Addie was an inspiration to many and the foundation is determined to do something good in her name.  Access to new treatments is sporadic and filled with many unnecessary obstacles. Treatments are harsh and have devastating side effects.  This needs to change. The foundation aims to fund much-needed research into high-grade paediatric brain tumours with the hope of finding better treatments and improve survival rates of those diagnosed with brain cancer.

The Addie Brady Foundation - A cause close to our hearts

English comedian, actress and writer, Catherine Tate has recently become the Patron of ‘The Addie Brady Foundation’. Catherine met Addie at a lunch in London; Addie and was so excited, particularly loving the characters of ‘Lauren’ and ‘Nan’ and Catherine was warm, welcoming and they had a fun afternoon.

Following Addie’s death, Catherine made contact and is keen to be involved with the foundation and supports their aim to raise funds for research and better treatment for childhood brain cancer, along with further study, awareness and support for families with Li Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS).

The Addie Brady Foundation - A cause close to our hearts

The foundation is keen to arrange events and fundraisers from a Pyrenees Mountain Climb to running the London Marathon.  Michelle Brady said she took a pom-pom from a pair of Addie’s favourite shoes and pinned it to her running vest. She said she drew strength from this lucky charm throughout the day.

“I felt like she was with me and helped to carry me around,” she said. “Whenever I had a hard moment, I squeezed the pom pom.”

Michelle finished in 4.49.17 for the Addie Brady, managing to raise a whopping £5,091 including Gift Aid, smashing her original target of £2,700.

The Addie Brady Foundation - A cause close to our hearts

In support of Ellie, her family and all the other families out there who have been affected by brain cancer, we wanted to share this with our customers in the hopes that it can raise awareness for the need to provide further funding and research in to LFS (Li-Fraumeni Syndrome) and help implement better screening programs and treatments for families affected by LFS.

The Foundation has designed a beautiful ‘Lionheart‘ pin which is a really easy way to donate to the cause, simply click here to get your pin. 

If you would like to donate, discover more about the foundation or get involved in their next event, please visit

The Addie Brady Foundation - A cause close to our hearts