SurveyPlan Success as Irish Dealers Roll-Out App

As part of the rollout of our industry-leading Ceiling Hoist Layout software ‘SurveyPlan‘, OpeMed’s exclusive Southern Irish dealer, MMS Medical, has become the latest to launch this brand new system. MMS has deployed this state-of-the-art technology to all their field and office based sales representatives, enabling them to more efficiently provide Ceiling Hoist solutions to Homecare, Schools, Nursing Homes and Hospitals across the Republic of Ireland.

SurveyPlan Success as Irish Dealers Roll-Out App

SurveyPlan is a game-changing app that allows Product Specialists to design Ceiling Hoist layouts immediately on site, in front of the OT, family, Architect or Contractor. Using a tablet or smartphone the Product Specialist can measure the environment then drag-and-drop our auto-scaled Ceiling Hoist H-Systems, Curves and Turntables to ensure the most applicable patient transfer solution is prescribed and will work within the allocated space. The beauty of this system is in its flexibility. Should any changes occur (i.e. a bed move or equipment change) we can easily change the design to suit.

With this unique floor plan creation app, we can create dimensioned layouts without actively measuring or drawing. With its Augmented Reality technology, we can capture spaces quickly and create simple layout designs to support your project.

With the addition and inclusion of our leading range of Assisted Bath and Changing Table manufacturers, we can now offer the full range of turnkey Bathing, Changing and Hoisting solutions, allowing our customers to truly benefit from our unique surveying software and expertise.

For the Contractor or Architect who may be strengthening joists, or adjusting door headers this instant drawing can be invaluable in providing a clear working drawing and a greater understanding of product placement.

If you are an OpeMed Dealer, a Case Manager or an Occupational Therapist who would like to benefit from SurveyPlan please click below to contact us for a demonstration and to find out more.

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