SEN School Hoist Specialist Equipment

SEN School Hoist Specialist Equipment – Assisted Bathroom & Classrooms

Our technical team worked closely with the main contractor to develop the SEN School’s current hoist moving and handling equipment and provide hoisting and lifting solutions for for the second-phase of a new build SEN school facility.


SEN school SEN school opemed

Phase-one refurbishment involved re-designing the layout of the existing assisted bathrooms in the school of 3,500sqm and installing Ceiling Hoists on H Systems (or XY Systems).


New build phase-two has been designed to create a facility that is specialised in Special Education Needs with provisions for Autistic Disorder Spectrum throughout. The OT200 Ceiling Hoist




Our recommendations for both phases of the SEN project have included installing the OT200 Ceiling Hoist on an H System (or XY System) in order to provide maximum room coverage when moving a student from point A to B for changing/toileting. By involving OpeMed early on in the design stage saves money and time as often additional structure and supports are not required if the Ceiling Hoist is designed in to the building.


The OT200 Ceiling Hoist has a spreader bar with 6 hooks for a wide range of sling use and our unique Gravity Powered system, No-Tools Emergency Down ensure OpeMed has become the leading provider of patient hoists in SEN Schools. Accessories include weigh scales, the widest range of slings on the market (including custom slings, all-day slings or in-situ slings)


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