School Hygiene Room Equipment: Our Expertise

Helping Clients Find School Hygiene Room Equipment for Children with Specialist Needs

OpeMed are a leading provider to Schools installing specialist changing and toileting areas for children with disabilities. We provide comprehensive assessments of the user, environment and requirements before any equipment is advised upon in order to guarantee the best option.

We provide a wide range of Transfer & Care Equipment suitable for School hygiene rooms or toilets including Ceiling Hoists, Full Room Covering Ceiling Track, Changing Tables, and Grab Rails.

The Building Bulletin 102 states that inclusive design elements should underpin all elements of design for children with SEN and disabilities. It is important to ensure that a School (SEN or mainstream) which needs to cater for children with specialist needs has the right support and information in order to do so. OpeMed are the ideal partner to assist with design and high quality products at affordable prices. We are a nationwide organisation and can cater to any client, often providing paediatric equipment of shorter lengths.

For more information on how we can assist your School with finding the right equipment for a hygiene room, wet room or toilet please contact us.

school hygiene room ceiling hoist
school hygiene room changing table