Residential Care Accessible Rooms

OpeMed Create Accessible Rooms with Hoists for Somerset Residents

OpeMed have been involved in the brand new purpose built residential care home featuring 25 accessible rooms with overhead hoists in Somerset, South West England. Opening in Summer 2014, the brand new care home features 55 bedrooms for a multitude of care services.


Somerset ceiling hoists

OpeMed have worked with the design and architecture teams to create practical overhead hoist (also known as ceiling hoist) solutions for bedrooms, bathrooms and specialist bariatric suites by installing award winning OT200 Ceiling Hoists.


The OT200 ceiling hoist is the perfect flexible solution for multiple rooms looking for full room coverage. Ideal for this Somerset home, the OT200 hoist can be provided with a lifting capacity of 200kg or 400kg to cover all requirements.


OpeMed has a full range of Nursing Home Slings, Weigh Scales for Ceiling Hoists.


Our free design consultation when used early on in the project can save money, advising on layout, integration between the ceiling hoist and the door header and position of the WC and shower to integrate with the hoist.


To read the full case residential care home study please click here