Providing Inclusive Products and Design Elements

Inclusive, Accurate and Within Budget

As an expert in Transfer and Care projects of any size within Domestic Environments, Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Hospitals; our equipment is used for safe movement by many carers. OpeMed’s Hoisting, Lifting, Showering, Changing and Bathing equipment provides a wide choice of inclusive products as cost-effective options for adaptation.

Below are some of our top tips for how we ensure our architects get the best results for their project.

reducing client cost for disabled adaptation

  1. Assistance from early on in the project so that we can advise on structural best practice
  2. Supply of full range of Transfer and Care Equipment; saving in bulk product and installation cost
  3. Manufacturer of Ceiling Hoist and Track meaning less overheads passed onto the end user and a competitive price

creating inclusive products and design

  1. Consideration of the wider user group of room/s to ensure multi-user environment
  2. Adaptation of doors and floors to suit rails, wheels and wide equipment
  3. Consideration of British Standards and best practices for inclusive design across the UK

specifying the right equipment

  1. Detailed consultation with the end user and healthcare professional
  2. Prescriptive process for ensuring the desired space and equipment are suitable
  3. Highly experienced product specialists operating Nation-wide

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