Ceiling Hoists

OpeMed have a range of hoists to suit all needs and situations.

OpeMed is one of the fastest growing providers of overhead, track and ceiling hoists.

Behind the manufacture, installation and operation of all our hoists, is our dedication to providing dignified access and movement for the end user, together with ease of use and reduced risk of injury for those operating the equipment.

Whatever your requirements, OpeMed can help.

For Carers and Users

Let us answer your questions for the best type of ceiling hoist for your needs:

  • Which is the best lift for my environment – either at home or in a shared space?
  • Is there an optimum layout? Will have I have room?
  • Is it possible to travel from room to room?
  • Are they simple to use and maintain?

For Building Contractors and Architects

Before you purchase and install, talk to us to discuss your client’s needs.

  • Where is transfer required? What is the best way to achieve it?
  • What budget is needed?
  • What infrastructure is required?
  • What do I need to provide?

Find out more by reading our ceiling hoist frequently asked questions.

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