The Universal Sling with Head Support (Loops) is designed to be a universal general transfer sling.

The sling comes as standard with rigid padding to the leg sections for extra client comfort and support, as well as providing an easier sling application and a supportive transfer.

The sling is also available in softer comfort padding for those clients who may have tissue viability concerns and thus providing a softer transfer.

This sling also benefits from the addition of structured head support for those clients who require extra assistance. Also available without head support.

There are two types of material options:

MESH            Perfect for bathing and wet environment use.
POLY              Used in a standard dry transfer scenario such as bed to chair or bed to wheelchair for example.

This sling is designed for use as a divided leg application and comes with a unique label for marking and identifying sling checking procedures.

All slings come as standard with woven labels and woven serial numbers.