The OpeMed PAL Pool-side Hoist is a completely portable aquatic lift, requiring no mounting to the pool deck. The unique design of the PAL allows it to be adaptable to virtually all swimming pool configurations.

Its arms reach over the pool edge and can vary in length depending upon the amount of required clearance. The PAL works well with edgeless designs, as well as pools with curbs, gutters and skimmers. Either the user or attendant can operate the PAL with ease.

The unique design of the seat was specifically engineered for people with disabilities. The seat is deep enough to provide stability and has no edge to facilitate transfers. The controls on the waterproof hand pendant are easy to understand and operate.

OpeMed’s poolside hoists are available as sling, seat or stretcher attachments. The chair option connects to the hoist and then when released can be wheeled into the changing room for showering, reducing the number of transfers. The OpeMed flotation slings are ideal for support and for lowering in and out of the pool. Our pool hoists can be fitted to new build or existing pools and we have a wealth of knowledge of indoor or outdoor pools in domestic, school or public buildings.

Product Code: RMT-6-1220