OT400 Bariatric Ceiling Hoist

The OT400 Bariatric Ceiling Hoist saves transfer time, provides dignity, provides better positioning and reduces the number of carers needed and offers a transfer solution for users up to 400kg.

Key features of the OT400 bariatric ceiling hoist include a single motor, automatic recharge whenever in use, emergency lowering, eight hook spreader bar fixing, thick lifting strap, handheld controller, range of track and accessories for any room configuration.


  • Transfer to Users Upto 400kg
  • No Tools Emergency Stop
  • Reinforced Lifting Tape
  • Ideal for Reducing Health and Safety Hazards to Carers
  • No tools emergency lowering
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The OT400 bariatric ceiling hoist can be installed in virtually any setting as a stand alone gantry or a permanent installation. The Hoist is suitable for multiple users and works in combination with our Bariatric Slings and other Slings in the market. It is essential that OpeMed is consulted before installing the OT400 bariatric ceiling hoist to ensure the required reinforcements have been made to the room.

OpeMed can provide a free no obligation survey for your bariatric ceiling hoist, CAD drawings as well as specialist technical advice on any questions you may have.

Product Code: CH-17000134-OT400 4FB


Why Ceiling Hoist?

Ceiling Track Options

The OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist



OT400 Compact Ceiling Hoist


Patient Lifting, Room-to-Room Transfer, Ideal for Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Home Use


Casette 303mm x 240mm x 190mm

Weight Capacity



Nursing Home, Hospital (Bariatric Ward), Domestic, Physiotherapy



Spreader Bar Options

Bariatric Powered Cradle

Bariatric X-Frame 4 Point Spreader Bar

Other Options

Weigh Scales

Infa-red Handcontrol

OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist

Wired Handcontrol (Standard)

Power Options

Power Option


Power Option

Electric Powered Rail