The OpeTrack Gantry System is a portable track system ideal in situations where permanent ceiling track isn’t necessary. Compatible with fixed and portable OpeMed Hoists, OpeTrack offers a temporary solution and an alternative hoisting system where installing track into the ceiling is not possible.

Ideal for use with the Monarch Portable Hoist, the OpeTrack Gantry has a weight capacity of up to 200kg. Unobtrusive and space saving against other Gantry systems; it has one of thinnest base sizes available on the market which greatly reduces tripping hazard for those working around them and with an easy-to-install system, can be tailor made to the room.

When used in apartments and holiday homes, hotels or when the ceiling hoist (or overhead track hoist) is not a permanent fixture, the OpeTrack Gantry System is ideal. The OpeMed ceiling hoist gantry is compatible with all OpeMed hoist options.

Code: 17105210