Ope-Plus Support Arms are ergonomically shaped support arms ideal for assisting users as they traverse.

Right hand operated the Ope-Plus Support Arms are available as static, fixed units or Height adjustable by 240 mm without using tools and are detachable and foldable. With an Anthracite cover plate for vertical wall track The arms are constructed of 10-micrometre anodized aluminium, with a non-slip gripping surface made of soft SEBS incorporating a glass-reinforced nylon core (excl. fixing kit).

The oval shape gives an easy and comfortable surface to lean and push against. The end of the support arm is enlarged so that it is easier to pull forward from a sitting position and also provides a clear sense of where the support arm ends.
Soft and slip-resistant material that has a warm feel.

The arms are primarily constructed in the 10-micrometre anodized aluminium, with a non-slip gripping surface at the end made of soft SEBS and incorporating a glass-reinforced nylon core. The hinge arm is also made of soft SEBS. Internal components and fasteners are primarily made of stainless steel. The hinge barrel is capped with ABS polymer.

Code: PRT225