Product Description

The unique Neatfold Overbath Stretcher has a patented centre-fold design that allows a client to be lifted directly upwards from the bath. The Neatfold stretcher then folds into place under them and the client can then be lowered directly onto the stretcher without ever having to be moved away.

As a result the client preserves their dignity by avoiding being moved wet and unclothed around the room, the carer avoids a transfer operation, reducing back strain and by keeping the client over the bath, the floor remains dry and the client is warmed by the heat of the bath.

At the same time the Neatfold stretcher provides a full height-adjustable showering bench when combined with a hi-low bath. In the words of a satisfied carer, “……(the client) feels comfortable, and I feel comfortable that I am able to change and shower them in a safe, controlled environment.”

No other stretcher is able to offer all these features!

The Neatfold Stretcher can be used on the following height-adjustable disabled baths:

The Neatfold stretcher has an optional guard, padded bumper protection and rustproof stainless-steel frame and we are able to produce bespoke versions where necessary.

For other baths, we offer an alternative option with the Wall Mounted Neatfold Stretcher

Code: 17000122