The Mona Mobile Changing Bench is manufactured from the best materials available, giving our customers peace of mind that what they are purchasing is built to last.

Ideal for users who require a high level of care and support, with a large padded surface area and high-quality padding, the Mona Mobile Changing Bench has been designed with the clients comfort in mind, along with easy use for the carer.

The sturdy scissor-action height adjustment offers assured stability. Even for very anxious patients our system makes sure that neither the lying surface nor the table itself swings or yields. On request the Mona Mobile Changing Bench can be quipped with foldable side rails on each side, these can be padded and can withstand a great deal of force.

Compatible with all OpeMed hoists, the bench can be easily used with a Ceiling Hoist or a Mobile Floor Hoist as the bench is designed to allow the frame of the hoist to pass underneath and without difficulty from a wheelchair.

Code: AB-120.021958