The Compact Plus bath comes with an integrated powered seat, lap strap and nursing arms ensures that the bather is transferred safely and comfortable.

The Unique ‘Slipper’ shaped bath tub cocoons the bather and offers one of the most spacious internal dimensions in a bath of its kind. In addition, its height adjustable feature and robust GRP hoist access panels ensure that the carer can work in a comfortable position whilst minimising manual handling risks, resulting in them being able to assist the bather safely and efficiently.

With standard features such as WRAS Showersafe gantry, bath filler taps with ¼ turn controls, the Compact Assisted Bath offers one of the most stylish and most effective bathing systems available.

Robustly built for even the most demanding of environments, yet its stylish, smooth flowing lines allow for easier cleaning. With water delivery at the tap and shower being thermostatically regulated using two separate TMV3 valves, the Compact Assisted Bath ensures the safety of the bather at all times.

This bath also comes in a static fixed height model.