Ceiling Track Solutions

OpeMed has a wide range of Ceiling Track solutions and accessories to allow installation in virtually any setting.

Options include room covering systems (also known as XY systems or H systems) that can connect up to a neighbouring room with Ceiling Hoist gate system, tight curves for small bathrooms and a flexible turntable with 16 exit possibilities.


  • Off-white Colour to Blend into Ceiling
  • Multi-Room Gate System
  • Unique No-Show Internal Bracket
  • Full room covering XY (H) Systems
  • Turntables and Switchers
  • Modular Tracking Units 
  • Bespoke Pieces Available
  • Flush Tracking


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OpeMed modular Ceiling Track solutions are bespoke to provide assured support adaptable to a variety of environments. Compatible with all OpeMed Ceiling Hoist systems, our Ceiling Track solutions will support users and enable carers to easily transfer users without risk of injury.

OpeMed offer a full free of charge design consultancy, technical assistance and installation service to all of our customers. Consulting with OpeMed early on in the design process will save on any additional structural or modifications costs at the stage of installation.

For more information on the range of Tracking options, see the options tab below.

Product code: 17105160


The OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist and track

The OT200 Full Room System with Multi-Room Gate

OT200 Track Options

The OT200 Explained

Why Ceiling Hoists?



OpeMed Ceiling, Wall Mounted or Freestanding Track


Patient Lifting, Room-to-Room Transfer, Ideal for Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Home Use


55mm x 90mm, 140mm or 180mm

Weight Capacity

200kg, 250kg or 400kg


Hospital, Nursing Home, School, Domestic, Swimming Pool


Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Suspended Ceiling, Sloping Ceiling, Freestanding Gantry


90mm Straight Ceiling Track

90mm x 55mm Straight Track

140mm Straight Ceiling Track

140mm x 55mm Straight Track

180mm Straight Ceiling Track

180mm x 55mm Straight Track

Ceiling Track -Dims

Tracking Variations

Straight Ceiling Track

Straight Track

45 Degree Ceiling Track

45° Track

90 Degree Ceiling Track

90° Track

Turntable for Ceiling Track


Gate System for Ceiling Track

Gate System

Wall Bracket - Ceiling Track

Wall Bracket

Wall Post - Ceiling Track

Wall Post