The design of the base frame allows for mobile floor hoists to pass underneath. The dimensions of the Avero Motion are distinctly smaller than such of the most of conventional assited baths and saves up to 50 cm space without reducing the tub interior dimension for a bather. With optimal adaption of the tubs interior body to a safe sitting and reclining position, the Avero Motion enables up to 35% lower water consumption in comparison to conventional assisted bath tubs. Owing to a pre-filling function, the footwell area can be filled with up to 98 litres of water, so that the bather immediately lies in warm water, once the Avero Motion is tilted backwards.

Available with:
Aromatherapy: Available with an integrated aromatherapy system, which when used in conjunction with the warm air spa, releases your chosen scent which can help to stimulate the senses. This is easy to operate and is completely maintenance free.(Please note: The aromatherapy system can only be used in conjunction with the air spa system).

Air Spa: The integrated air spa system offers your resident a relaxing and stimulating bath due to the massaging effect.

Light Therapy: With an option of Two LED lights built into the side giving a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience with the option of selecting any colour manually or by an automatic light program.

Music Therapy: Two premium integrated speakers in the tub transform the chosen music into water vibrations which create a unique state of the art sound experience for the resident. Music is played using a USB connection port which means that each bather can have their chosen music played and changed on a regular basis. In turn a water resistant hand held remote control enables easy operation of all components.

Automatic Bath Filling: The automatic filling allows the independent pre-filling of the foot zone with up to 98 litre water. This offers on one hand the advantage that the resident after closing the door and tilting the tub into horizontal position is immediately surrounded by warm water and on the other hand this option means a considerably time saving for the nursing staff which can well be used for the resident.

Disinfection: The integrated disinfection system gives maximum protection against cross contamination and can be used with approved in house surface disinfection fluids. The disinfection hand shower and storage box are secured behind the control area out of reach so that the resident cannot make contact during bathing.

Product Code: AB-