Astor Aquba

The Astor Aquba height-adjustable basin is the smallest completely integrated unit available, making it one of the most wheelchair accessible basins, and perfect for under window installations.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, this stunning basin offers boutique design quality and would make a perfect addition to any bathroom. The Aquba basin was developed in conjunction with customers, and every tiny detail has been thought about and designed to make access and life just a little easier without compromising style. Details include a smooth graduated design to the front of the basin, soft actuation on the click-clack waste, and sculpted minimal casing below the basin.

Key features include the ability to preset two heights to allow dual users in the home or other setting to easily switch between their preferred basin heights. Further height adjustments can be made simply by using the up/down arrows. A lockout is available to prevent accidental movement or misuse, and the unit has an anti-trap sensor incorporated.

The Astor Aquba can be wall-mounted at any height to suit the users.