Privacy Screens & Shower Rails for Ceiling Hoists

Privacy Screens & Shower Rails; An Ideal Solution by OpeMed for integration with our Ceiling Hoist

OpeMed can provide a specification for a full solution of patient lifting equipment for any environment. Usually for bathrooms and wet-rooms we would suggest that a privacy screen or telescopic shower rail is installed to ensure that there is a high level of dignity for the user.

privacy screens & shower rails

A simple removable privacy screen which can be stored away might be an ideal option for a room used by multiple users so that there is an option.

The telescopic shower rail is designed to swing into position and clip in place when needed, the rails are wall mounted and the curtain can be drawn back out of the way when not in use.



privacy screens & shower rails

Both a privacy screen and shower rail options are ideal for maintaining dignity and privacy as well as ensuring that any carer that might be accompanying the user is protected from getting wet from the shower itself. Both provisions also enable the user to still have access to an overhead hoist system such as The OT200 which may be used for transfer from toilet to shower chair for example.

Privacy screens or shower rails are also a recommended product for inclusion in Changing Places Toilets as specified within the Changing Places Practical Guide.

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privacy screens & shower railsprivacy screens & shower railsprivacy screens & shower rails