Privacy Screen for Changing Places Room

Privacy Screen for Changing Places Room

A privacy screen or curtain should be provided between the WC and the rest of the Room. This is part of the Changing Places requirement and forms a core part of the BS8300.

This privacy screen for Changing Places Room provides privacy for people who, having been assisted into position on the toilet, are then able to use it unaided. It also allows an assistant to use the toilet in privacy if it is not appropriate for the person they are accompanying to be left along outside the Changing Places room.

Changing Places Privacy Screen

Wall­ mounted retractable screens or free­ standing folding screens are preferred
as they take up minimal space when fully retracted but provide the necessary privacy when extended.

When retracted, wall mounted screens should not obstruct the space to the side of the WC.

Ceiling mounted curtain tracks or fixed rails are unlikely to be suitable as they may obstruct the ceiling track hoist.