Prime Minister Theresa May Urges Changing Places Toilets for New Buildings

Prime Minister Theresa May Urges Changing Places

The momentum for Changing Places in the media and in the public eye is gathering speed; yesterday Prime Minister Theresa May urges Changing Places toilets for new buildings in the House of Commons during a televised Question Time.

Rishi Sunak told how he was ‘deeply moved’ by the stories from his constituency of severely disabled children being denied opportunities due to lack of adequate facilities and asked the Prime Minister to strongly consider updating the Building Regulations to ensure better provision for disabled people and to encourage relevant buildings to voluntarily install Changing Places.


The Prime Minister voiced her agreement for the importance of these facilities, as well as for their need. She also urged buildings to consider installing Changing Places along with a promise that it would be further discussed.

Along with coverage on the national BBC news last week and discussion on BBC’s Spotlight, Channel 4’s Last Leg and BBC Radio 5 Live, it’s a promising step forward for the Changing Places campaign and a very positive surge of publicity.

OpeMed are proud to co-sponsor the Changing Places Campaign and are hopeful as it moves a step closer towards including Changing Places in building legislation. Action from campaigners, such as the petition for ‘Supermarkets To Commit To Providing Changing Places Toilets In Stores Within 18 Months’ which has already garnered 106K signatures, is helping to keep Changing Places in such Parliamentary discussion.

If you need any advice for campaigning, design or installation of Changing Places Toilets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or 01252 758858