The Platform Lift Solution

Finding a Platform Lift Solution – Working with OpeMed

The platform lift is an access solution which is designed to operate over straight flights of steps. The KL730 (as pictured below) is an indoor or outdoor lift and is compact, enabling the user to fold it neatly against the wall when not in use (taking only 230mm of space). Ideal for houses and public buildings as the KL730 as the lift is low maintenance, folding down and lowering the ramp automatically therefore needing less assistance for use; boosting the user’s independence.


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A Flexible Platform Lift


OpeMed work with solutions such as the KL730 as it is a discreet and reliable platform lift which can be mounted onto a number of different surfaces from a left or right hand position. Alongside this, the lift is a 300kg safe working load, making the KL730 a highly attractive option for environments with multiple users or houses looking for a safe and sturdy solution.


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How Does the KL730 Platform Lift Work?


The platform controls are easy to use. The non-slip surface and safety edges provide additional security. At the end of the journey, the exit ramp lowers and the barriers raise. The platform lift can then be stowed at the push of a button. The lift may also be operated by an attendant using call stations or attendant controls. The call stations are fitted with key switches which are located at the top and bottom of the stairs, ideally placed for convenient use.


The KL730 platform lift pictured above is a recent installation by OpeMed in the South East of England. The client was looking for an easy and reliable solution for accessing their home, they were keen for the lift to look discreet and also offer them an opportunity to use it independently. We were able to deliver the above criteria for the user based upon our technical knowledge of the KL730 high quality platform lift. For more information on the KL730 or any home or platform lift that OpeMed can supply for you, please contact us.