Physiotherapy Patient Hoisting

Patient Hoisting in Physiotherapy Wards

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As the experts in patient lifting and ceiling hoists, OpeMed provides specialist consultancy for Physiotherapy Wards looking to provide the correct level support for their patients.

OpeMed provide hoists, walking harnesses and supportive slings for gait training and Physiotherapy Patient Hoisting. Our Physiotherapy Patient Lifters and Ceiling Hoists which are low maintenance and provide a high level of support for those with restricted movement.


The hoist can be used for transfer onto the physiotherapy equipment for example: a bike, treadmill, gait training area or couch. The OT200 Physiotherapy Hoist uses a horizontal drive in combination with a walking sling for therapy, to prevent falls and increase safety for the patient and Physiotherapy staff. Our Gait Training slings are available for Paediatric through to Adult patients, both male and female.

Hostpital Wards Explanation


Using the correct level of support is not only very important for the user but also for the Physiotherapists and other care staff involved as “among nurses, 52 % complain of chronic back pain” (American Nurses Association

[ANA], 2012) and “12% of nurses leaving the profession report back pain as a main contributory factor” (ANA, 2012; Li, Wolf, & Evanoff, 2004).

Evidence has found that “the cumulative weight lifted by a nurse in a 8-hour shift is 1800kg” (Nelson, 2004), all of which demonstrates that if the care staff use the correct supportive equipment the staff turnover will effectively reduce and provide substantial cost savings for the Hospital.