Patient Transfer System In Action

The Betty Transfer System

In a recent installation for live in or temporary day care, after-school care and outpatient care to children, adolescents and adults with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities or acquired brain injury. The 34-year-old user Martijn Fishermen lives partly at the centre and has recently received the help of our patient transfer system ‘Betty’ for his room.

A Betty patient transfer system is used when a care recipient no longer can get out of bed without help. With Betty, the care recipient itself able to perform to position the act of lying. The care recipient does not need to be supervised when in or out of bed by a healthcare professional. The tool takes a part of the act. “As a result of brain damage from lack of oxygen at birth, I became disabled” says Martijn who is very open. Martijn makes it immediately clear that he is dependent of living in an institution and using assistive tools. He lives partly at home with his mother and some days he lives independently within the centre. “At home I have some changes and I can look after myself, this equipment is all in preparation for the future. ”

the betty patient transfer system

Self-Reliance and Independence

The Betty patient transfer system was next to the high-low bed, with no other adjustment. “At home I use  Linido brackets. However, which require sturdy walls” says Martijn. Betty patient lifter is attached to the bed and therefore does not need to be drilled into the wall. When asked what Betty means to him Martijn is very clear. “I have a lot more freedom. Am no longer dependent on the service of the caregivers when I go to bed or have needs.”

The premise of this home is that they offer as ‘normal’ as possible and ‘special’ where necessary. They are happy to gain clients with a disability. Installing the Betty is a good example of how they are able to cater for their disabled client’s needs.

wheelchair user demonstrating patient transfer
patient transfer system pulling up
the betty patient transfer system
standing support

Efficacious Care

The focus of the residential home is to provide increasingly efficacious care, focussing on tangible results in the area of quality of life. “I can, as in a situation like mine, really recommend the Betty. I have some freedom and independence with this equipment and it feels good to use it. I really benefited from Betty.” -Martijn.

wheelchair user demonstrating assistive equipment
wheelchair user at desk