Patient Transfer in Rehab & Hydrotherapy

Patient Transfer in Rehab & Hydrotherapy Suite

Patient Transfer in Rehab & Hydrotherapy Centres

There are many solutions for best practice in Rehab, Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centres that involve the correct patient transfer hoist and changing equipment laid out in the optimum way.

The correct patient transfer equipment makes the therapy or rehab more efficient (less staff time), safer and reduces the risk of injury to the patient and the therapist by reducing the manual handling required.

If over a pool or hydrotherapy pool the equipment to be considered is either a pool hoist (mounted on the side of the pool or free-wheeling) or a ceiling hoist (can be connected right through to the changing room or assisted bathrooms) where a height adjustable changing table or shower trolley is an ideal piece of equipment.

Common mistakes to be avoided are

  • Installing the ceiling hoist track to close to the edge of the pool (remember it will be used by a carer and the floating patient)
  • Installing a pool hoist to close to the steps of the pool (a trip hazard for the carer)
  • Not considering a system that will connect the pool to the changing rooms (by using a ceiling hoist to do this you reduce the amount of transfers and the time for the bather on the side of the swimming pool)
  • A clash with the shower curtain and the hoist/ changing table
Swimming Pool Hoist
Changing Stretcher Integrated onto a Height Adjustable Bath with a Ceiling Hoist
Adjustable Shower Seat
Hydrotherapy Slings

For no obligation advice on the layout, design, installation and maintenance of patient transfer equipment in a hydrotherapy pool, rehab centre, gait training or physiotherapy suite please contact our Product Specialists.