Patient Hoist GCC Seminars

Patient Hoist Seminars throughout GCC

OpeMed completed this week throughout the GCC detailed seminars explaining the benefits of Patient Hoists to reduce the risk of injury, provide comfortable and efficient patient transfer and how to use hoists for therapy (such as Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Occupational Therapy). Working closely with its local established dealers, OpeMed trained a wide range of staff from MOH and Private Hospitals on the core 6 benefits of Ceiling Hoists and Patient Slings.


One of the Seminars completed October 2014

Obesity is particularly relevant in the Middle East and throughout the GCC with children often undergoing treatment weighing over 100kg and adults frequently over 200kg.


OpeMed’s range of Patient Hoists, Ceiling Hoists and Patient Slings have been designed for obese patients right down to children. Our expertise in sling prescription often makes the difference, and OpeMed not only have the widest range of slings on the market but offer a bespoke sling manufacturing service for particular clients.