Patient Hoist Asia

Patient Hoist – Asia: OpeMed Complete Training Programme to New Hospital in Hong Kong

A major new hospital in Asia installed OT200 Patient Hoists (or Patient Lifters) across various wards last year and OpeMed have followed up with training on the hoist and our wide range of slings.


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The OT200 Patient Hoist was chosen due its unique Gravity Powered Charging, No-Tools Emergency Down and 3 hook spreader bar for easy and quick sling adjustment. The OT200 Patient Hoist is the smallest patient ceiling hoist on the market and was installed in the Physiotherapy, Obstetrics, Geriatric, Palliative, Occupational Therapy and General wards, either for transfer or rehab.


OpeMed has a wide range of slings for general use (transfer from bed through to assisted bathroom, or simple transfer to and from the bed), rehabilitation (gait training, rehab, physiotherapy, occupational therapy). Our slings come in multiple sizes and materials with various choices of padding. OpeMed also has a range of disposable slings that are patient specific.


Options of infra red, weigh scales and cradles are available on the OT200 and OpeMed have a wide range of track and accessories to suite any Patient Hoist layout. Ceiling Hoists are chosen over floor or mobile hoists due to their space and time savings and the increase in efficiency and therefore cost savings. For rehabilitation (particularly Gait Training) they are ideal as the patient can walk, then be driven then walk to aid rehabilitation in a safe manner.