Patient Ceiling Hoist Track for Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Ceiling Track Hoist

Patient Ceiling Hoist Track for Nursing Homes

There are various decisions to be made by the client, architect and contractor when designing the optimum layout for a Patient Ceiling Track Hoist for Nursing Homes, whether it is the Ensuite Bedroom, Therapy Room or Assisted Bathroom.

Some initial questions that might help when first considering Ceiling Hoist Track for a Nursing Home, Hospice, Respite Centre or Care Home are:

  • Which Rooms Require Hoisting?: Is it some or all of the bedrooms, the assisted bathrooms and a therapy/ consultation room? Do any of the living areas require hoisting?
  • Where is Transfer Required?: For example in the bedroom is it to transfer simply out of the bed to a wheelchair or would transfer into the ensuite be more efficient? In the assisted bathroom is it just to the assisted or bath/ showering area or to the WC as well?
  • What is the Budget?: Ceiling hoists can cost (including installation) from £1k-3k (GBP) per room depending on the layout. Substantial savings can be made by using portable ceiling hoists that can be shared between rooms or moving the OT200 Ceiling Hoist between rooms when a non-hoisted patient is in residence.
  • What will the structure allow?: If a new build or extensive refurbishment virtually any installation can be achieved (the earlier the Ceiling Hoist specialist can be involved the more cost effective the install will be as the amount of additional supports needing to be installed will be minimised). If an existing room there may be limitations by the supporting structure or door headers but experienced Ceiling Hoist engineers can advise.
  • What is the Weight Capacity?: All too often we see Ceiling Hoists specified in all rooms at specialist bariatric safe working loads (SWL). We believe this is over-sell and a 200kg motor in the majority of rooms is more than adequate with one or two rooms specifically catering for bariatric patients with 250kg or 400kg ceiling hoist (of course the bed and WC/ bathroom equipment) will need to be equally rated.
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Discuss your Ceiling Hoist Project

OpeMed offer a no-obligation consultation where we can discuss some of the issues above to help you prepare, future-proof or install Patient Ceiling Hoists (also known as Overhead Hoists) in the appropriate rooms in your Nursing Home project. We specialise in working with architects, nursing home groups, access consultants and contractors to ensure a cost-effective appropriate install.

Contact our Product Specialists for more information on designing the optimum Ceiling Hoist Track system.