Overhead Lift Options

Overhead Lift Solutions by OpeMed

There are a number of options for clients when looking at using an overhead lift system such as the OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist. The overhead hoist can be one of the most flexible options for full room coverage and quick and easy transfers. As each client’s needs are unique including the care package and room space available, we can offer a range of suggestions for solutions available to our clients for overhead hoisting.

Overhead Lift from A to B

overhead hoisting form a to bHoisting on a fixed rail is ideal for when you want to lift between two fixed points in a room for example from bed to wheelchair. Installation of a fixed rail is economical and efficient for a simple outcome for the user and carers.

The rail can be straight or curved and depending upon the ceiling fixings available OpeMed can suggest the best structural options. For unsupported walls, OpeMed will install a gantry and may look at alternative fixing points for the room.

OpeMed have installed fixed ceiling hoists into domestic environments, nursing homes and schools.

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Multi-Room Overhead Transfers

room to room hoistingOpeMed provide multiple options for clients looking to transfer from room to room. We offer portable ceiling hoists with a hook and fixed track mechanism, we can fit traversing ceiling track or even supply a gate system for no additional transfers.

There are many aspects to consider for overhead hoisting in between many rooms but the safety of the user should always be a primary concern when designing for multi-room transfers.

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Overhead Free-Standing Gantry

free standing overhead hoistA free-standing gantry for an overhead ceiling hoist system can be a neat alternative to a fixed ceiling track hoist as it enables temporary lifting as well as an option where alterations to the ceiling and walls is not necessary.

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Overhead Traversing XY or H Frame System

overhead traversing hoistThe XY system is a preferred choice for many nursing staff that we speak with, the traversing system is an automatically centring system when the user is being lifted. The XY system is designed so that there is one movable rail mounted on two fixed rails, this design enables for a wide flexibility of pick up points as there is full room coverage. For multi-room transferring the traverse rails can easily be connected via switches which lock into place for safe transfers.

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Using Privacy Screens and Curtains with an Overhead System

OpeMed are keen to promote dignity and privacy for our ceiling hoist users by providing tried and trusted options such as the telescopic “swinging” shower curtain and fold away privacy screen. These options both enable a ceiling track hoist to transfer over the top without disruption.


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