OT200: Retrospective Fit to Existing Hoist Track

Replace the aged motor on your existing track with the OT200

The OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist is the only ceiling hoist that is designed to work on your existing track. It may be that your overhead tracking has been installed for some time and the hoist motor (sometimes called overhead hoist) is old and now relying on expensive spare parts to keep working.

  • OT200 is designed to work on existing track
  • Significantly reduces the cost of replacing your ceiling hoist solution
  • Avoids expensive track installation
  • Prevents ongoing expensive spare parts
OT200: Retrospective Fit to Exsisting Hoist Track

The labour element of track installation can be the expensive part of replacing your ceiling hoist tracking system, but the OT200 has been cleverly designed where it can be modified to be installed on the majority of the leading brands of Ceiling Hoists systems that have been installed in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, SEN Schools and Domestic Homes.

The OT200 is the most compact professional use ceiling hoist on the market, is quiet, has proven reliability and has a unique gravity charging system ensuring the motor always has power. Find out more about the OT200.

The OpeMed Patient Ceiling Hoist has been designed, tested and approved to work on such tracks according to ISO10535, LOLER and CE marking. It is likely that the minimum safe working load of the track or motor must be carried over but OpeMed’s experienced Product Specialists can advise during the survey.

An example of a recent ceiling hoist replacement project that came in significantly under budget was the John Copeland NHS Hospital, in Lincolnshire. The project replaced ageing hoists that were causing staff excessive manual handling during down-time as well as costly repairs. The OT200 with infra red fitted directly onto the existing track and proved a cost effective replacement programme.

If you would like to find out more information regarding retrospectively fitting the OT200 to your existing tracking please contact us to dicuss your project.

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