OpeMed: A Knowledge Based Organisation

OpeMed: A Knowledge-Based Organisation- November Training Session

At OpeMed, we are dedicated to providing a high level of knowledge, professionalism and expertise within our industry. This is shown in our status as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of transfer and care equipment in the market. As a means to maintaining a high level of performance, we ensure that the entire company is well informed and knowledgeable about our products and customers. Here are some pictures of one of our most recent product catch up training days, knowledge sharing on the OpeMax 500 Floor Hoist, The Bea Transfer System and The Mover Transfer System.

Some useful resources for the education of OpeMed equipment include our “Informatic Videos” for Ceiling Hoisting and Assisted Bathing amongst others. Check out our YouTube page here.


Training Session knowledge on hoisting equipment at opemedknowledge sharing at opemedTraining Session knowledge on the floor hoist