“Im concerned about driving cost up‚Ķ”

Q: I am interested in OpeMed giving us a full assessment, demonstration of equipment and quotation but I’m worried about driving cost up as we are on a very tight budget for this project. Can you give me an idea of how much these will drive the cost up please? Mary, Kent


A: Hi Mary, we do not charge for any additional service elements such as assessments, demonstrations and quotations. We arrange for our product specialists to meet directly at a time and place convenient to you. Please call our head office on01252 758858 for a quote.

OpeMed, Oct ’13


“Bespoke equipment is becoming difficult to source‚Ķ”

Q: We use a lot of bespoke equipment and it really is becoming harder and harder to source as companies are unwilling to do adaptions. Is this something you could help with? Simon, Bristol


A: Hi Simon, this is something that we are trying to improve on all the time, our product specialists and technical teams work closely together to produce individual CAD drawings for our clients’ projects. As more and more individuals are choosing to adapt their homes we have seen the need to increase our ability to be flexible to this option. We look at projects case by case and have open communications throughout.

OpeMed, Sept ’13



“Proof of training is something I’d like to see…”

Q: I am a paediatric Occupational Therapist for the local council and I look after the specifying and sourcing of equipment. As I work with so many suppliers of equipment I like to know what kind of training the reps have as they are responsible for training parents and carers. Do you have training certificate records for your reps that can be shown to OT’s like me? Debbie, Midlands


A: Hi Debbie, this is something we have had raised with us a few times. It is naturally a very good question to ask when in a position of care responsibility. Ensuring our Product Specialists have a form of proof which shows hours of training and equipment trained on is something we are producing currently as we feel it will provide our customers with a further sense of confidence in OpeMed.

OpeMed, Sept ’13


“I need a service contract with our hoist system‚Ķ”

Q: We had a ceiling hoist XY system installed a few years ago which works fine but I am unhappy with the current service contractors we are using. They seem to be unreliable and don’t react quickly when we have asked for assistance. It frustrates me and the other staff as the equipment is used by a number of residents and we rely upon it for daily bathing transfers. I know I can get spare slings from OpeMed but do you have any way of offering a service contract? Stephen, Derby


A: Hi Stephen, I understand your concerns here. It is important that your service provider can provide your six month Loler tests and also be flexible for call outs and advice too. Our service team do offer service contracts to suit our clients and can arrange to visit for a call out usually within 24 hours. Our team are available in office hours to help answer any technical questions on 01252 758858

OpeMed, Sept ’13



“How long does it take to install a ceiling hoist?‚Ķ”

Q: I am an OT working on quite a tight project, we need to have a ceiling track hoist fitted to a new build within the next month. Is it possible to arrange a quote and get it fitted in time for completion?
Alison, Cambs


A: Hi Alison, the first thing to do would be to arrange for an assessment of the property and the client to determine the type of needs and system we should install. After the assessment we would send our our CAD drawings of the hoist and a full quote to you. Following the confirmation of order and providing the roof reinforcements are suitable a straight system should take around 3 hours and an XY system a further 2-3 hours. Please contact our Head Quarters for more information info@opemed.net or 01252 758858

OpeMed, Aug ’13



“How can I pay for my order?‚Ķ”

Q: I am looking to place an order for some slings, please can you tell me how I can pay and who I need to speak to?
Anon, London


A: Hi, you can choose between credit card, BACS, cheque or pro forma payment methods. Please get in contact with the head office to organise your chosen payment method. Telephone 01252 758858.

OpeMed, Aug ’13



“If I am registered as disabled do I have to pay VAT?‚Ķ”

Q: I need to buy a new changing table and ceiling hoist system for my Son, he is registered as disabled so are you able to give us a cost exclusive of VAT?
Sam, Essex


A: Hi Sam, your Son will be eligible for VAT exemption following the completion of confirmation forms that we can send out to you. We simply need to keep a record of your Son’s details for VAT purposes.

OpeMed, Aug ’13


“Who is the sales representative in my area?‚Ķ”

Q: I am looking to arrange an assessment of my home as we are converting the lower floor and need an XY system fitting. Do you have someone that could come out to do this in my area?
Pauline, Devon


A: Pauline, this is no problem- we can get an assessment booked in for you straight away. We have a team of OpeMed representatives working in the UK, please look on our Meet the Team page to find a Product Specialist in your area.

OpeMed, Aug ’13