OpeMed Ceiling Hoist in Hospital & School Projects in Germany

Ceiling Hoist in Hospital & Handicap School projects in Germany

Over the last 12 months OpeMed have installed multiple installations of our Ceiling Hoist in many Hospitals and Handicap Schools (Special Schools) throughout Germany. We have, working closely with our established German dealer, become the leading manufacturer and installer of Ceiling Hoists in Germany.



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OpeMed, through its well known German distributor worked with the architect, construction company and client to ensure the equipment was within budget, on time and the installation was a smooth process.


Hospital Reference Sites

www.hochtaunus-kliniken.de : 5 Overhead Hoists in Usingen

www.hochtaunus-kliniken.de : 16 Patient Ceiling Hoists in Bad Homburg


Handicap Schools or Special Schools

www.schloss-schoenefeld.de/homeschule/ : 20 Ceiling Hoists (including H systems and Pool Overhead Hoist)

www.stiftung-st-franziskus.de : 10 Patient Ceiling Hoists