OpeMed Assisted Baths to Grant Make-A-Wish Foundation Wishes

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! OpeMed Assisted Baths to Grant Make-A-Wish Foundation Wishes

Make-A-Wish is a very special foundation with a global reach, so the likelihood is you’ve heard of them before.

What could make a child happier than their ultimate wish being granted, made a reality for a day? With this ethos always at the forefront, Make-A-Wish offers not only once-in-a-lifetime experiences to brighten lives but also a welcome and well-deserved reprieve from the reality of living with a critical illness.

Whether meeting a celebrity, having a party, being a rock star, pop-star, super hero for a day or going on an amazing family holiday, Make-A-Wish are prepared to make it come true. A Childhood shouldn’t be about illness or hospitals, and while this is sadly the case for some children, Make-A-Wish helps to return the fun, joy and wonder that makes all the difference.

Each person is different and individual and as such, the nature of wishes will be different and individual; unique to each person as they are from each other. While some may wish for the fantastic experiences that the Foundation is famous for providing, there are cases where the children are so ill that their parents may wish on their behalf for equipment that will greatly improve their quality of life and last for many years to come.

Several such wishes have come through to OpeMed, with the foundation requesting three units of the dynamic Excel Assisted Bath with Air Spa features. This fantastic bath will enable three different families to enjoy the benefits of soothing hydrotherapy to help make every bath-time a wonderful sensory experience. Along with the over bath changing table; bathing, drying and changing can occur in the same place, keeping everyone as comfortable and warm as they were in the bubbles. At face value, it may not seem nearly as exciting as a trip in a limo or a hot air balloon, but for children with certain serious conditions and their families this type of assisted equipment boosts life quality exponentially and really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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