OpeMed are ‘Mobile Friendly’

Ensuring a User Friendly Experience on Our Website

As Google’s latest algorithm came into force yesterday (21st April 2015), we learnt about the growing importance of user experience via mobile. As we already knew, mobile internet searches are forever increasing as people lead busier lives and are using the internet to search for things on the run.

opemed are mobile friendly

As a supplier of healthcare equipment to many busy professionals, we understand how important it is to access information quickly and get the facts and figures you need. These are the important factors behind why we have made our website user friendly for mobile (as shown in the image ‘mobile friendly’). We are continuously improving the ease of access to information on our website and we hope you find the OpeMed website a joy to use (be that on the run or not!).

For more information on Google’s latest changes for mobile friendly sites please view this page. If you have any thoughts or comments on our website and how we could improve your user experience please let us know.