Mayor of London Releases New Plans For Changing Places

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, has recently released the new plans for London, within which there have been outlined important details for the inclusion of Changing Places toilets in new buildings.

This strategic plan will shape how London evolves and develops over the course of the new 20-25 years. All planning decisions should follow London Plan policies, and it sets a policy framework for local plans across London.

Mayor of London Releases New Plans For Changing Places

Discussed in Chapter 5, Policy 56 Section 5.6.6, the plan describes which buildings should be expected to include Changing Places and explains how these toilets benefit those with disabilities who require them, and their carers or families.

Larger developments where users are expected to spend long periods of time or where there is no other local provision should also provide ‘Changing Places’ toilets as identified in the British Standard BS8300.

Without Changing Places toilets many people are limited in terms of how long they can be away from home, or where they can go. The provision of Changing Places toilets can open up new areas and experiences for people with profound and multiple impairments, and their companions, removing the barrier that the lack of provision can create.

A positive and encouraging lean toward solid Changing Places legislation, this showcases the increase in awareness for these facilities and how their presence can improve the lifestyles and lives of disabled people. The plan ensures that Changing Places are kept in the line of sight of developers as the city evolves, and points towards a more accessible London in the near future.

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