Making Accessibility Accessible – Changing Places can go anywhere with OpeMed and iHUS partnership

Seeking to improve and enhance the reach of the Changing Places campaign, OpeMed has combined their experience of installing these facilities with iHUS Adapt & Build to offer a unique modular Changing Places Toilet.

Teaming up to work as a partnership, both OpeMed and iHUS – focusing energies specifically on Changing Places facilities – will continue to enrich provision of fully accessible spaces for those across the UK who require them most.

Making Accessibility Accessible


Thrilled with the collaboration, Managing Director at OpeMed, Nicholas Kent, maintains that the combined vision and synergy between the two can really benefit the campaign: “Working with iHUS has been a master-stroke. They share our passion for accessibility and the modular facility creates new opportunities for the Changing Places campaign and expands who it can reach and what we can offer.”

The partnership was first explored back in 2016, during a collaborative project at Bristol Family Cycling Centre.

The potential for the Modular Changing Places was especially realised following the Bristol Cycling Centre Project. “They create the perfect layout for our specialist equipment and can be lifted into position at almost any location.”

Making Accessibility Accessible
Pictured Above: Bristol Cycling Centre Changing Places
To find out more read case study ‘Working with Attractions for Greater Accessibility’

With standard accessible toilets being unfit for purpose for over ¼ of a million disabled people in the UK, the Changing Places campaign was launched back in 2006 to remedy this glaring issue.

Following a recent slew of media attention and an encouraging snowball effect, over 1000 Changing Places toilets are now available for public use and the number continues to grow.

Ben Hickey, Director at iHUS Adapt & Build, said: “The Changing Places campaign continues to gain momentum, largely due to the passion and commitment of campaigners throughout the UK.

He added: “Our partnership with OpeMed will enable us to build more of these much-needed facilities, and help to make a difference to some of the most vulnerable and deserving people in our community.”

With more information on our partnership coming soon; if you would like to find out more about our modular solutions, you can contact the OpeMed team on 01252 758 858 or email

Making Accessibility Accessible