House Becomes a Home; London Family Home Made Accessible


OpeMed has recently concluded an exciting project in London, involving the refurbishment of a family home to make it totally accessible and suitable for a client with Cerebral Palsy.

Accessibility, in this case, is comprised of a Through-Floor Lift, Height Adjustable Kiva Bath with Light Therapy, Air Spa, Auto-fill taps, Music system and a full-size Neatfold Changing Table.

London Family Home Made Accessible
London Family Home Made Accessible

The Ceiling Hoist System was a Ceiling Mounted XY System in the bedroom with a Magnetic Gate, leading to a Monorail in the bathroom and a 90° Rail curving over the Kiva Bath. This setup provides full coverage to the bedroom with easy transition straight to the bathroom. The neatfold changing table means changing can easily take place straight after a bath, which maintains dignity and a constant temperature for whoever is being hoisted, and quick transfer back to the bedroom.

The new build needed extensive work and adaptations of the internal layout were required to accommodate the specialist equipment.

We are currently able, for projects in and around the South East, to complete internal works and adaptations in tandem with the installation of the Hoisting and Assisted Bathing equipment; we can provide a full turn-key service including work to modify the structure of the building or rooms.

This is thanks to our long term strategic partner, who is able to in work for fit-outs and installing the equipment.

If you are embarking on a project for a space that would need this type of preliminary change, this can be advantageous as it minimises the amount of people you will need to work with, which in turn saves time and money.

London Family Home Made Accessible
London Family Home Made Accessible

The project did present several challenges, namely the short time limit as the family had a deadline by which they would be moving in. All in hand, they were able to move in to their fully accessible home a speedy 9 weeks from the start of the works.

With the family able to move in when anticipated and the impressive finish of the rooms and equipment, we can consider the project a resounding success. If you are looking into your own accessible adaptations or a project that requires Assisted Bathing or Hoisting equipment, please get in touch; we can offer advice on equipment to suit your needs and internal works, to design and pricing. Contact us by telephone on 01252 758 858 or email