LOLER Test and Weight Test for Patient Hoists

Our Policy on LOLER Testing and Weight Testing

OpeMed weight test each individual installation after install and also on each LOLER test. This is according to ISO10535, CE and LOLER. All our engineers are qualified to the latest standards and protocols.

Nearly all maintenance on the OT200 Ceiling Hoist can be completed when the hoist is on the rail, meaning less disturbance for the user and carers.

The lifting tape has an industry leading life-span, the batteries are standard off-the-shelf batteries and in combination with the quick servicing make the OT200 Ceiling Hoist the most cost-effective in the market.

LOLER Patient Hoist Weight Test

In addition each OT200 Ceiling Hoist is weight testing and individually signed off at our factory. The OT200 has many unique features including gravity-powered charging, no-tools emergency lower and a spreader bar with 6 hooks.

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