Lift and Lock Changing Table

Commonly installed in multi-user environments, the lift and lock changing table is manually height adjustable and can be stored upright within 180mm of the wall. The changing table can be adjusted to suit different heights of carer and is ideal for transferring onto via overhead hoisting systems, reducing transfers and the risk of secondary or frontline back injury.


DSC00686 DSC00685 DSC00688


The above images demonstrate the lift and lock changing table in-situ with the guard in the upright and downwards position at a school in Worcestershire. The unit was an ideal solution for the school as it offers a space saving platform for changing children of different sizes and provides a safety guard to prevent more mobile children from climbing out or falling off.

As an alternative and inexpensive option to an electrically operated unit, the lift and lock changing table offers popular features such as incremental lengths of bench from 1200mm to 1900mm, rustproof stainless steel frame, guard and bumper options and a choice of removable mattress.